Wizarding World / Monde Magique

Hi Everyone! I am currently adding to the new Shop all my listings for the Harry Potter inspired peg dolls I created so far. All made to order and with free international shipping. These four little wizards and witches are already listed. Link HERE. Coucou à tous ! Je suis en ce moment en train d’ajouterContinue reading “Wizarding World / Monde Magique”

Cute Little Cow / Une Jolie Petite Vache

Cute Little Cow / Une Jolie Petite Vache

I love it so much, can’t stop watching it! This cutie will soon be added to a set called “Farm Sanctuary Set”. She will be with other friends like a donkey, a pig, a goat, a duck, etc. * * * * * * * * * J’aime tellement cette petite vache! Elle fera bientôtContinue reading “Cute Little Cow / Une Jolie Petite Vache”

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

(Texte en français également) My dollhouse might not be completely finished yet but these little cuties are already very happy with it. They all wanted to be here to wish you a wonderful Christmas Eve, filled with

Customized Figurines / Figurines Personnalisées à votre image

  (Texte également en français) Custom made order! So excited! I really REALLY love to create figurines that look just like you, a keepsake that you

Christmas Ornaments ! Décorations de Noël !

The Christmas Ornaments are back! 1st batch with traditional green and red colors. *  *  *     *  *  *     *  *  * Les Décorations de Noël sont de retour avec cette première « fournée » aux couleurs traditionnelles, rouges et vertes.

Super Molaire ! / Super Molar Tooth !

Nouvelle création réalisée sur commande. Voici Super Molaire ! Un Super Héros qui gardera les dents de vos enfants ainsi que leurs petits trésors en sécurité. * * *     * * *     * * * New custom made item! Here is Super Molar! A super hero that will keep your kids’Continue reading “Super Molaire ! / Super Molar Tooth !”

Sea, Surf and Dreamcatcher

Custom made gift from a mother to her dear son. Souvenir of a holiday by the sea and on a surf board with these shades of blue and those two little figurines. I was very happy to create this without any directions so completely free to let my imagination do its work. It flew allContinue reading “Sea, Surf and Dreamcatcher”